London Recruitment Agency

Key Talent Personnel is a leading London recruitment agency specialising in gaming, broadcast media and IT jobs. We use a mixture of traditional and contemporary techniques to ensure that we don’t just find someone to fill, say, a digital TV job in London, but we find the RIGHT person to fill that job. Unlike many recruitment agencies in London, we have a network of people that we have built up over the years, and some of these people may not be actively looking for a job at the moment, but if they are the right people to fill your particular vacancy for software developers we will approach them on your behalf.

As the leading recruitment agency in London for software developer jobs and web developer jobs, we get to know our clients personally because only that way can we fully understand the sort of position that you need to fill and what your aims and goals are. We believe in maintaining a great relationship with both our clients and candidates which is beneficial to both parties. We don’t believe in simply putting an ad out there and then selecting the best from the replies that we get. We keep going until we find the perfect match, because as far as we are concerned, near enough is not good enough.

As a broadcast recruitment agency and gaming recruitment agency we also use social media a considerable amount, because this is another method of maintaining contact with the right sort of people, so that when a vacancy arises, we may already know the right person for the digital jobs that you have available. When you have an OTT or VOD post that requires filling, we already have contacts in these sectors. This is one of the good results that arises from specialising in broadcast media recruitment as we may very well know exactly the sort of person that a client needs.

We also have a recruitment app which our candidates can download from The App Store or Google Play. This enables them to keep their job search organised and to receive job alerts that are suited to their abilities. So if they are searching for gaming jobs in London, they will receive an alert on London gaming jobs as they arise. The same thing applies to digital jobs, software developers, web developers, and so on. This is another aid to getting the right candidates for the job as quickly as possible.

We also use cutting edge software as part of our selection procedure for IT candidates and digital jobs which enables us to filter the very best candidates right at the start of the selection process.

At Key Talent personnel our services include both permanent and temporary recruitment, skills testing, head hunting, and reference checking, and we also help candidates with career advice and CV and interview advice. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients and our goal is to fulfil your needs with exactly the right person because we know that if we do that, then you will come to us again when you next have a vacancy. We are in the recruitment business for the long haul.