LinkedIn Growth-Hacks: Think Different. Look Different.

With some 467 million users on the LinkedIn platform, finding relevant people, and being found by relevant people can be challenging.

There are a few intuitive, simple ways to rethink and remake your profile to drive higher engagement with quality contacts and #UnlockYourFuture!

Learn from the ecosystem!

Do some research. Note down the headlines, descriptions and formulae of other profiles that you find magnetic. Check-in on industry leaders and creatives in your sector to find fresh and compelling ways to change your own profile.

Everything from profile photo composition, headlines, CV format and cover photo can provide useful inspiration.

Steve Jobs happily quoted Picasso in saying ‘good artists copy; great artists steal’. Make of that what you want; they were both pretty successful.

Think about what your desired contacts are trying to find and learn!

We have a habit of creating profiles and explanations based on our own understanding. We give the information we think is immediately relevant.

It is, however, much more important to try and pre-empt the type of information and profile your desired contacts are looking to find. What will be useful to them? What will be exciting to them? What will get them to reach out to you?

Some aspirational quote, joke or tagline about how you’re ‘shaking stuff up’ is a shot in the dark when it comes to drawing attention and creating conversations.

Yes; these tactics sometimes win the hearts and minds of employers by happy chance, but if you want to maximise the success of your profile; think about who you want to connect with, and then think about what those people want to see and hear.

Regularly post relevant content that shows you’re up to speed with your sector!

Check search returns on news with a keyword that links to your sector. Five minutes a day can furnish you with an interesting and relevant article or blog post. Repost this to LinkedIn with a comment and headline of your own making! Make an effort to link it even more specifically to your role or area.

Do this regularly and not only will a nature following start to tick over, you’ll also be able to show a track record of interesting engagement with the LinkedIn platform and some of your peers.

Get your settings right!

Spend a bit of time looking in detail at the basic and advanced Privacy Setting on LinkedIn; your discoverability with you through the floor if these aren’t right.

Direct searches aren’t common; most discoveries are made through Mutual Connections or Company Histories so having this feature enabled is vital.

Keep it cool (professionally cool)!

LinkedIn can sometimes feel like a blue and white jungle, and the increasingly content driven nature of the network can be daunting, but it remains a vital part of building your professional network and discovering new opportunities to #UnlockYourFuture!

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