Job Boards are Dying a Death

Everything surrounding the recruitment industry has changed in recent years. Technology is now driving the industry forward at a rapid pace and that means that candidates and agencies are having to change the way in which they do things. In years gone by, job boards were the way in which recruiters advertised and the way in which candidates looked for jobs but now this has all changed.

Yes, job boards are still lurking, almost clinging on but there is no doubt that they really are dying a death. Job searches, communication and recruitment are changing. It has taken on a different identity and that is mainly down the digital revolution.

Why have things changed?

Job boards used to be relied upon. People used to take their time to browse the job boards but now they simply don’t have time. They want to be able to search for jobs in an instant at that is why mobile devices and apps are really changing things. However, face-to-face interaction is also playing a part because events take place where recruiters and candidates are now having the chance to meet face-to-face. This kind of interactions allows recruiters to gain a greater insight into candidates while providing them with everything that they could need.

Recruiting Through Technology 

Recruiters now have the chance to give candidates what they want when they want it. They can send out emails with specialised jobs, send push notifications to apps and use an app to keep in touch with candidates. This is efficient, time-saving and a lot easier for both parties and that is why it is beginning to grow and gather even more momentum than it has done already. People live hectic lives. Rushing around for meetings, picking the children up from school and trying to juggle life in general means that people need information in a digestible and accessible way. This is what makes technology so important to the recruitment sector and to the candidates in particular.

Job Boards can be to General

Many people have a skill these days and so, that skill is only useful to a particular sector. Therefore, when it comes to looking for jobs, job boards simply do not cut it. Candidates want and need independent industries that specialise in their particular area. This enables them to seek out jobs that are tailored to their specific needs. Candidates want a more personal approach when it comes to searching for jobs. They prefer to keep it small and keep it personal and that is also playing a part in the way in which job boards are disappearing.

It is all changing 

There is no doubting that the recruitment industry is changing and for those agencies that are not moving with the times, they could find themselves in trouble. The future is about technology, the future is about providing information on demand but it is also about delivering a personal service and that is exactly why job boards are slowly disappearing.