Digital TV – Where is Technology Taking it?

Digital Television has changed the way we live our lives since its introduction almost twenty years ago. When you consider how many of the digital TV providers have changed the service they offer over the years, it is evolving quite rapidly. Recent additions such as the ability to pause and rewind live TV were game changers but now things are moving again, but what where is it moving to?

Seamless Viewing Experience

These days, viewers want content instantly. They don’t want to have to wait for their favourite show to come on once a week and they certainly don’t want to be stuck for things to watch, so digital tv has to meet this ever-growing demand. Take Sky Q as an example. It provides viewers with the ability to pause a programme in one room and then pick up from where they left off in another room. This is seamless viewing but still, viewers want more. They want access to as much content as they can handle and this means that providers are having to change their service. When you look at the likes of Netflix and Amazon, they are offering an on-demand service that gives viewers what they want. If viewers want to binge-watch their favourite show then they can because the way in which we watch TV has changed.

Artificial Intelligence

 It is only a matter of time until Digital TV providers begin to integrate artificial intelligence into their technology. When viewers want to change the channel or search for their favourite show, why should they have to painfully type in their programme name using the remote control? Digital TV providers are now going to have to implement technology that is readily available to them because this kind of artificial intelligence is the future of user control.

Streaming is the future

 We have already seen streaming take a huge chunk of the market and it looks as though those satellite dishes could be a thing of the past. Many of us now have super-fast broadband speeds, allowing us to watch shows in HD with no buffering. This means that providers can give viewers access to shows whenever they want them. It creates a whole new viewing experience that can be taken anywhere with them once they have an account. They will be able to watch television when they are out and about when they are on holiday or even when they are on the train. This kind of viewing is the way that digital TV providers are going to go, it is just a matter of time. This element of flexibility and adaptability is what viewers want. They don’t want to be glued to one device or one television. Yes, sky has been offering their Sky Go service for some time but this is just scratching the surface. Digital TV providers are going to have to offer more content in order to remain competitive and they are going to have to take the plunge into the world of streaming completely because this is undoubtedly where it is heading.

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