Become a Software Developer – What You Need to Know

The role of a Software Developer can vary significantly but landing that first role will require you to do a few things prior to submitting applications. Whether you are looking to get your first job after graduating or you are simply changing career, you need to take steps in the right direction in order to succeed.

Start in the right place

Just like many things in life, if you make the first right move, everything else that follows will be easier. The same can be said when it comes to becoming a software developer. Despite, this, at this point, a plan is not easy to come by so you need to begin by carrying out research on the market.

You might be thinking about working in a certain market and if so, then it is time to start looking into those businesses that are hiring. One of the best places to begin is Social Media, LinkedIn more specifically because just through creating a basic profile, you can instantly begin searching for those companies that are hiring in the market you want to move into.

Perhaps you don’t have any initial idea of which company you would like to work for, so start looking into those businesses that are industry leaders. A simple search online will provide you with the top businesses in every niche of your industry. Once you have identified those businesses, make a list before moving onto the next stage.

Begin applying for the jobs you want

We all have that dream job yet your application is often met with tough competition. You might success from the start but there is every chance that it will take time and that gives you a chance to perfect your applications.

Using the list you have created, you can create an application that is customised to each specific role. You don’t have to write a brand new application each and every time because you will already have the core basics but you can then fine-tune your application to meet the specific requirements in each job description.

Once you have applied for a role you should look to follow it up. If you have done this through LinkedIn, it is easier to chase this up as you can contact the individual who posted the job, this will keep you in their thoughts, especially when it comes to any other opportunities that might arise.

However, the software development industry is different from many other industries because it requires a specific skill set and that means that you will be hired because of the skills you possess. Therefore, it is vital that you show off your skills at every opportunity.

It is possible for you to meet up with specialists from the industry and use forums to reach out. The digital world is an ever-changing landscape and so, you need to ensure that you keep yourself informed of what is changing and when you do meet up, try and showcase your skills.

Create a Website and Release your Expertise

Due to the nature of your skills, it can be hard to showcase them to someone you have met, so why not create a website. It might seem fairly simple but it gives potential employers somewhere to go to see what you can do. Make sure that your website works across all platforms as that will ensure that you are recognised. Once you get to this point, there is every chance that application forms will be a thing of the past.

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