As a Candidate You Need to Get the Most From Your Recruitment Agency

Finding your next job can take a lot of time and effort but when you choose to use a specialist recruitment agency, working with them can really reap the rewards for you. They will keep you informed of relevant positions when they become available but it is important to understand that in order for you to get the most from the relationship, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

Do things right and you will really benefit from using a recruitment agency.

Commit to them

It is, after all, a relationship so if you commit to them, you will more than likely be at the top of their list. Whether you are asked to provide a CV, complete a technical test or provide a portfolio, treat that as if you were being asked by a prospective employer. Remember, that they do not ask you to do these things for the sake of it, they do it because they want to help you to secure the job.

Take an honest approach

Honesty and transparency always help the recruitment process. So, when you are liaising with your recruiter, tell them everything they need to know. Don’t hold back on information as that could cause problems in the future and omitting vital information can slow down the process in the future.

Prepare for interviews by utilising your recruiter

A good recruitment agency worth its salt will understand their clients and what they expect to see at interview. It is also worth considering that they have experience in interview techniques and preparation. You could learn something new from your recruiter and that can help you to excel and succeed at interview.  

Speak to your recruiter after the interview

After every interview you attend, your recruiter will want to speak to you to find out how it went, what you thought about it and what you could have perhaps done better. If you have any feedback that you want to be passed onto the client then let your recruiter know because they are there to bridge the gap between you and their client.

Always inform your recruiter of your situation

There is every possibility that your circumstances can change and that could be for a number of reasons. This could relate to your salary expectations or whether you are available but whatever they might be, make sure your recruiter knows. This enables to them work around you and your changes and help them to determine what opportunities they inform you about.

Understand that things can change

Throughout the recruitment process, there is every chance that things could change. There could be changes that relate to skills and experience while a role can be withdrawn or the client might change their demands. In recruitment, as it is a people-based industry, it is often the case that things are never as clear-cut as they might seem. So, remember that it can be frustrated because even if things change, your recruitment agency is there with you at every step of the way.