7 Ways To Present Yourself As A Competent Employee

The answers are simple, but putting them into practice can certainly be difficult.

Nevertheless; it all start with some clear, relatable observations on what you can do to #UnlockYourFuture

So here they are, in a relatively intuitive order.

Prioritise quality, over quantity, in everything. 

We can always sense when we’ve neglected to ensure quality in our own work. This shouldn’t be the case, ever. Quality work is the hallmark of a competent worker. Depending on your role, it is often quite clear when you are aiming for serious quality rather than quantity.

Offer assistance, and be willing to ask for it. 

Delivering the best quality of work possible will usually entail cooperation. Whether you find the idea hostile or not, everyone needs and deserves assistance. Be the competent person who is willing to ask for help when they are aware that doing so will help deliver quality. Similarly, the most competent employees help others to reach their level. Offering assistance should be a staple and common practice if you want to mark yourself as a real asset.

Organise your workspace and keep it tidy.

Demonstrating some care and attention to your own and others property is a clear sign of competence. Disorganised spaces are usually dysfunctional, and laziness here will also hurt the quality of your work. This practice is also a major way of establishing your reputation as a competent person outside of work! If your workspace is disordered, who’ll believe that your life at home is any different?

Arrive at your workspace before the last possible opportunity.

Organisation applies to time as well as space. Manage your mornings such that you can be at your place of work, unrushed, before you are obligated to be there. This is a clear sign of competence, and demonstrates that you are ready and prepared to engage with the day ahead.

Aim to introduce positivity.

Positivity is a vague concept, but we are very sensitive to positive and negative influences. Aim to be a source of positive influence in all situations. Be willing to compliment and highlight other people’s strengths and achievements. Try to think very carefully about whether negative comments on a particular issue will be truly constructive, if there aren’t likely to be, they’re probably not worth saying.

Aim to exceed expectations rather than meet them.

Consider accepting challenging deadline carefully and be honest about the timeframes of your work. It is not constructive to accept time pressured work when you are aware that you will have to reduce quality to deliver in time. Nevertheless, it is always positive to beat deadlines rather than simply meet them.

Aim to preserve honesty.

This is a policy for existence, and work. Dishonest will reliably make even the worst circumstances worse.

It is much easier to critique and offer to council to others, than it is to change and improve our own way of life. But mindfulness and ready engagement with the concepts above can go a long way to transforming the way that your colleagues view you.

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